Deep Dive into Ancient Breathing Techniques: A Transformational Journey into the Breath

Deep Dive into Ancient Breathing Techniques: A Transformational Journey into the Breath

The breath is at the centre and core to the Y50 Approach. Placed within the context of the 4 key principles of the Y50 Approach, this course provides the practitioner with a comprehensive toolset of ancient breathing techniques that can be used to initiate required bodily states (relaxed, warm and energised, cool, confident) at will for the rest of their lives.

The Breath of Fire is a carefully crafted, comprehensive, and pioneering introduction into ancient breathing techniques. The course is designed for those who wish to improve dramatically their lives by building inner strength, resilience, confidence, and a formidable inner calm.

Start Dates: 6th October 2024
12 weeks
Location: Online/In-person (optional)
Investment: €1200

Benefits: Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, boost energy levels and immune system, better sleep, improve vascular and respiratory functions, and better cognition, confidence, and clarity of thought.



No. You can take the course without previous experience in pranayama and/or breathwork.

Yes. Having previous experience of any breath-related practices will be beneficial for you when you take the course and provide a good foundation to build on.

Yes and they will be available for you to view in your Yoga50 account.

The course and programme prioritises real-world, empowering, positive, and tangible results that you can experience in your everyday life. Certificates are not generally provided. However, if you require a certificate of completion this can be arranged on request.

To guarantee you place, it is best to book as early as possible (at least 4 weeks in advance). You can secure your place by paying a deposit.

Payment is made using credit card.

It is best if you can attend all sessions as and when they happen. This way you get the chance to ask questions and clarify any issues as they arise. However, if you do miss a session you can always catch up: all sessions are recorded and are available anytime through your personal Yoga50 account.

Just send a message using the contact form or you can email Patrick.

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