Breathing: The Fundamentals

Learn simple and effective breathwork skills to improve health, wellbeing, and performance

Breathing: The Fundamentals

This online course, delivered over 4 weeks (1 hour per week with extra time for mentoring), provides students with a solid introduction into breathing and how authentic and evidence-based techniques can be used to improve health and wellbeing. 

All classes are recorded and available through your Yoga50 account.

Key benefits: 
Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression; increase energy levels and inner heat; up/down regulate; boost immune system; improve physical performance and stamina; and improve sleep.  

Duration: 4 weeks
Classes: 1 teaching class per week; and 2 bi-weekly Q&A/mentoring classes
Date/Time of classes: TBC (depends on student availability)
Location: Online
Format: Live (Zoom) & recorded
Level: Beginner and above

4 x 1hr online breathing classes (recorded)
2 x 45min Q&A/mentoring sessions
1 x optional in-person session (date/time TBC)

When: July 2024

Where: Online

Duration: 4 weeks

Format: Zoom (Recorded)

Level: Beginner and above

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