From the Forest to the Ocean: Building team spirit and breathing inner fire for cold-water immersion (Test Event)

2-hour in-person workshop where we move, breathe, meditate, and build team spirit in preparation for our group cold water immersion.


This event is is targeted at bringing people together in a positive and energising way that promotes support for each other. It incorporates all of the 4 steps of the Y50 Approach. So we’ll be doing some moving, breathing, meditation, immersion (forest and cold-water), resting, digesting, and supporting each other throughout.

We start at Cappagh Park (Galway, Ireland) where we’ll move and breathe to build energy. We’ll walk together into the nearby forest and practice some breathing techniques and forest immersion, and then head down to Silverstrand beach for cold-water group immersion!

Join me. It’ll be fun 🙂


Benefits: Relieve stress and anxiety, and boost energy levels, confidence, clarity of thought, and overall wellness and happiness.

Who’s It For?: This event is suitable for anyone who wants to improve mood and build energy and happiness levels. The physical movements are gentle and suitable for pretty much anyone: they are focused more on building inner heat rather than doing cardiovascular exercise.

Where: Cappagh Park (Meet outside entrance Knocknacarra Community Centre, and finish at Silverstrand)

When: 10am-12pm (2 hours); Sunday 16th June

What to bring: We’ll be outside for the 2 hours so wear appropriate clothing. 

You’ll also need swimwear and towel if you want to complete the session with cold-water immersion (although you can still enjoy the event without this).

And you may wish to bring a snack/drink to have after we finish.

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