Lakshmi, P., Vaithianathan, K., Pramanik, M., and N. Rajkumar. 2022. Effectiveness of 12 Weeks Yoga Practices on Body Composition Parameters Among Healthy Male College Students. International Journal of Health Sciences, 6: 12639-12647.

This paper explores how effective 12-weeks of yoga practice is on body composition. To begin, the authors point out that stress is a key contributor to obesity, and this is associated with several diseases. The study comprised of 60 male volunteers aged between 18-24 years. Half of these received 60 minutes of training a day (six days a week) and the remaining 30 volunteers received no yoga training. Those that underwent yoga practice experienced a significant loss in body fat, compared with volunteers that did not do yoga. To conclude, the authors propose that regular practice of yoga reduces body fat and so may help reduce obesity, reduce the chance of disease, and so lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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