Kamraju, M., and Sonaji, D. 2023. Yoga: An Exploration of Its Cultural Adaptation and Practice in Japan. JAPANEDU: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pengajaran Bahasa Jepang, 8: 54-59.

In this paper, the authors explore the cultural adaptation and practice of yoga in Japan. They examine the history of yoga in Japan and how it was introduced and integrated, and look at how Japanese culture, religion and spiritual traditions influenced the adoption and evolution of yoga in this country, as well as issues associated with yoga as a form of physical exercise and mental and physical health promotion. In conclusion, the authors propose that the way yoga was adopted in Japan was the result of numerous factors that included historical connections with India, a culture of health consciousness, as well as factors such as the adaptability of yoga and openness of Japanese culture to embrace and promote practices that are holistic and encourage wellbeing.

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