Chetry, D., Telles, S., Mahadevan, J., Prasoon, K., Gandharva, K., Agrawal, M., Balkrishna, A. 2022. A Comparison of Practice Guidelines for Yoga Breathing from the Traditional Texts and PubMed-Indexed Research. International Journal of Yoga Therapy, 32.

This paper compares traditional (Hatha Yoga Pradipika) and modern-day (PubMed) guidelines for often-practiced yoga breathing techniques (bhastrika, bhramari, and kapalabhati pranayama; bellows breath, bee breath, and breath of fire). The authors compare factors such as recommended body posture, practice time and location, duration and frequency of practice, retention of breath duration, speed/force, breathing ratios, movement of diaphragm, bandhas, and mudras. In conclusion, the authors comment that there are differences between traditional and modern-day guidelines and these are associated with factors like depth of the breath, and inhalation/exhalation ratio.

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